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Mood Board Monday

Updating the visual research portfolio…

Stylesight Spring/Summer 2016, Childrenswear:



gracefulboysLabour Of Love:


Blow, Winds…

These from a shoot with the lovely Phildel, as shot by the very talented Jill Wooster


Life In Miniature Part II










Diamonds And Pearls


cat with a pearl earring

in case of emergency, break glass



Into The Woods…

I recently put together some props for a shoot with singer and musician Phildel. Here are the folk that did not make the final edit, having their day in a sun that stayed resolutely hidden, confining us to interiors on the actual shoot. The photographer was  Jill Wooster. Her pictures may follow but here are mine:






Animal Magic

Are Friends Ceramic?

These ones by Bodil Soderlund are:








Mirror, Mirror…




A Stitch In Time

Hare, hare…

Fine cell work is a social enterprise that trains prisoners in paid, skilled, creative needlework and Mr Grabia was the person who stitched these hares. The larger tapestry is from the 1950’s.



Stitched Up




Cupboard Love

I raided my friend Stacey Williams’s personal and professional archives for these shots. She is my go to girl for many things but vintage children’s wear in particular.