Rachel Essex

Prop & Interior Stylist

posted during October, 2011

Little By Little…

  This cat was discovered at Southbank Mosaics where, talking of Mexico, one artist had made an amazing, ceramic portrait of Frida Kahlo. I came home with a picture of an aeroplane because the fields it flies over so suited the medium:          

Looking Up

Spun cotton ornaments were made by German artisans in the early 1900’s but the tradition has been revived by people such as Crystal. She made these and I flew them from this mobile: And you can’t beat a crocheted solar system for combining science and craft most pleasingly: The hedgehogs were knitted by my friend […]

Shot by Tiffany Mumford

A lovely afternoon with photographer, neighbour and friend, Tiff, resulted in these images. We share a love of crochet, old dolls’ houses and fine cakes. These fitted cupboards were designed in collaboration with and built by theĀ  supremely talented Mr Andy Gardiner. They are made of walnut, marble, glass and gloss. The Italian wall chart […]