Rachel Essex

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posted during June, 2012

Animal Magic

Are Friends Ceramic? These ones by Bodil Soderlund are:              

Mirror, Mirror…


A Stitch In Time

Hare, hare… Fine cell work is a social enterprise that trains prisoners in paid, skilled, creative needlework and Mr Grabia was the person who stitched these hares. The larger tapestry is from the 1950’s.    

Stitched Up


Cupboard Love

I raided my friend Stacey Williams’s personal and professional archives for these shots. She is my go to girl for many things but vintage children’s wear in particular.

Wanted, Dead Or Alive

Great And Small… Another lovely shoot with the skillful Tiffany Mumford resulted in a panoply of images featuring animals: I was very happy to find an end piece of this discontinued material with which to customise a Dieter Rams chair more commonly seen upholstered in leather. Going Loco… Dem Bones… The squelette de lapin and […]

Child’s Play

Now with realistic hair and beard… Rabbit hospital Gripping hands too? My not-husband and I were in a charity shop in Wales. We spent thirty pence on a jigsaw of Blackpool beach – behind Pinocchio – because the boy working the donkeys to the far left of the picture¬† is his ten year old self. […]