Rachel Essex

Prop & Interior Stylist


I borrowed these Victorian ladies from my friend Francesca Forcolini who found them in an Italian fleamarket. They were for making miniature crinoline patterns that were then scaled up for use:

A Belated Christmukkah Post…

Who Would Want To Take These Down?

Food, Glorious Food…

This post is from a shoot Tiffany Mumford and I did about healthy eating during pregnancy. It was an excuse to eat multiple breakfasts and buy beautiful vegetables although the only vegetables I ate whilst pregnant were frozen peas.

Who's been eating my porridge?












Ooh, Baby, Baby…

Tiffany Mumford is doing the photographs for a book about baby twins. Here are a couple of stories from a test shoot we did to that end:


This loopy lion was a collaboration between knitwear label Kind and Labour Of Love. He speaks for himself.





Labour Of Love Part Two

And On The Inside…

The dress is vintage St. Michael utility wear from the 1940’s. It has depicted on it pastoral scenes of typical English pursuits such as dancing around a maypole. I remember being quite hurt that I was not picked to do this in 1977 as part of our school’s celebration of the Queen’s silver jubilee.

Labour Of Love

Window Dressing…

I spent this morning playing in the window of Francesca Forcolini’s beautiful boutique, Labour of Love:

If you look inside the jaws of this big, bad wolf, you can see the skeleton of the painted, wooden man he ate for breakfast.




Dixie and Dot

Sisters, Dixie and Dot are five and three years old respectively. Today I finally got around to photographing some of their micro possessions:








Little By Little…


The day of the dead is almost upon us


This cat was discovered at Southbank Mosaics where, talking of Mexico, one artist had made an amazing, ceramic portrait of Frida Kahlo. I came home with a picture of an aeroplane because the fields it flies over so suited the medium:






Looking Up

Spun cotton ornaments were made by German artisans in the early 1900’s but the tradition has been revived by people such as Crystal. She made these and I flew them from this mobile:

Burning bright

And you can’t beat a crocheted solar system for combining science and craft most pleasingly:

The hedgehogs were knitted by my friend Anna. She knew the sheep whose wool whence they came. Apparently,  she is soon to do a good line in mice. The desk is by James Leonard who, arguably, invented the compass leg ahead of Jean Prouve, pop pickers.









Shot by Tiffany Mumford

A lovely afternoon with photographer, neighbour and friend, Tiff, resulted in these images. We share a love of crochet, old dolls’ houses and fine cakes.


Mirror, mirror

These fitted cupboards were designed in collaboration with and built by the  supremely talented Mr Andy Gardiner. They are made of walnut, marble, glass and gloss.

The Italian wall chart has Zoologia Generale as its title. It was found at Curious Science where they also have a selection of pickled lizards, model mushrooms and antique, glass eyes.

The fourth dress from the right is from the 1940’s. The print has Cancan girls dancing across it and scenes of people panning for gold: